Silver on the Greenbelt

This week Silver Crew continued removing invasive species at the Barton Creek Greenbelt. We worked at the Gus Fruh trailhead on the opposite side of the creek from last week. We have gotten more efficient at removing Ligustrum and Nandina each week and worked our way down the trail quickly. Our main challenge these past few weeks has been removing Nandina. While Ligustrum can simply be cut down and sprayed with herbicide, in order to properly get rid of Nandina, all of the roots have to be removed from the ground, as any that are left will grow new shoots. We came across a few examples of this where new shoots were growing next to previously cut shoots and the roots had become a monstrous clump. The roots also like to grow under any nearby rocks, which added an extra level of difficulty in certain areas. Luckily, we found that weed wrenching can usually get out most of the roots, which sped up our removal time drastically this week. Having lived in Austin for nearly five years and frequently visiting the Greenbelt, it has been awesome to learn what goes into trail maintenance for the area.

Amanda Schwark – Conservation & Disaster Crew (Silver)

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