Two Weeks as a TXCC Crew Member

Limericks of the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve Experience

Monday morning the van traversed
Rocky roads, with each bump an outburst
From crew members who arrived
Excited yet sleep deprived;
With eager eyes and laughs they conversed.

Enveloped in a new atmosphere
Away from the fatigued highways austere,
Robins danced in the treetops
Singing and flying nonstop,
And a collective peace became clear.

The project partner explained their role:
“Chop down some cedar!” he said as he strolled
Through the dense forest of green,
“Create space for birds to preen.”
He gazed at the woods with love for its soul.

The crew members surveyed the territory,
Ready to fall some trees with glory.
They assembled the saws
And began without pause;
For they knew this would make a good story.

Soon, facts were discovered commonly;
Chainsaws liked to break constantly,
The mud never left the “road”,
And gloves became wet and cold.
Yet not much harmed this ragtag family.

Self-improvement goals were undertaken,
Forging smiles and spirits unshaken.
But while encouragement was bountiful,
Expletives were uncountable,
As some trees felt directly forsaken.

Bumps and bruises swiftly appeared,
One old back injury interfered,
But the crew trudged onward,
Driven to work unbothered,
As the project completion neared.

The crew looked back with fondness
On their achievements despite such novice.
With just some tools and hard hats,
They preserved the habitat.
It was time to head back to the office.

Caroline Fangman – Conservation & Disaster Crew Member (Purple Crew)

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