LaCC GulfCorps, Last Hitch!

We’ve spent our last hitch wrapping up earlier projects, observing wildlife, securing observation areas, and reminiscing on the past six months. During the past 10 days we assisted in painted the remainder of parking bumpers to finally close out that project. Last week we replaced spindles, and this week we removed the old ones from the recreational sight. The majority of our time though was spent replacing hurricane tabs which secure observation towers in case of extreme high winds. Two days on this hitch was spent with our project partner, she shared her long term hobby of bird watching with us. We all received National Geographic Bird books and binoculars to be able to spot and identify each species. After some time we all really got into it, choosing our favorite birds and calling them out when spotted! Van rides to work sights were spent with our favorite songs from the past months, sparking memories and laughs. We got creative in the kitchen creating meals we’ve yet to think of… all extremely delicious! After work we took walks along the path behind our bunk house, seeing sunsets, snakes, birds and enjoying our last few days. We’ve all learned so much and valued our time working within the Nation Wildlife Refuge system and all the connections we’ve made here.

-Liv Bischoff


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