Battling Ligustrum on the Greenbelt

This week Silver Crew fought gallantly against the Ligustrum’s attempt to take over the Barton Creek Greenbelt. We armed ourselves to the teeth with chainsaws, herbicide and weed wrenches. The crew then proceeded to the Gus Fruh front to end the Ligustrum’s reign of terror. We fought all week saving many allies such as Oak and Ashe Juniper. We also made foes along the way including one of our most challenging armies to vanquish – the nasty Nandina. Nandina grips the earth with very intricate root systems that make it next to impossible to eradicate. Herbicide had no effect on this species as it would just sprout new soldiers from the web of roots it clutched the terrain with. We spent countless hours working to remove every single root that could blossom into a new army. We had days of rain that made it tough to deal with our foes since it made two of our most useful weapons completely worthless and we would risk hurting our allies if we used them. At the end of the week we decimated a good chunk of the enemy their corpses were strewn across the trail to dissuade any more invasives from popping up. We may have had a small victory this week at Gus Fruh but we will always be reminded of the horrors that we saw any time we spot a Nandina or Ligustrum standing strong around Austin.

Henry Borowski – Conservation & Disaster Crew (Silver)

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