Red Crew works with TreeFolks

From Saplings to seedlings,
Planted behind us,
Flowing streams and calming rivers, teeming with Cypress.

Creeks and banks dotted with flags,
as we marched on,
carrying life within our bags.

Rock and soil, was no match for our tools, with spirit and determination,
we planted our green jewels.

In the hopes to restore the riparian zone
We dug to plant Mountain Laurel and Dogwood,
To give them a new home.

Bare-roots such as Buttonbush, needed extra care.
And to ensure their growth and wellness,
They were planted as a pair.

On the waterside we toiled, all throughout Wimberly,
Even as far as San Marcos,
We planted our trees gingerly.

As we worked and our boots soaks,
we cannot go without thanking our new friends, Valerie and Kayla from TreeFolks.

As we traveled, we passed many trees with amazing height,
looking at the seed in our hands, we can’t help but imagine the surprise we’ll find should we return to the site.

Ivan DeLeon – Conservation & Disaster Crew Member (Red Crew)

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