Rock Work on the Water Quality Protection Lands

During the first week of March Silver Crew had a fresh mission at a spot
called Onion Creek Ranch. We were excited and primed for some new
adventures. We began the week by separating into teams to tackle the main
obstacles along the trail used mostly for water testing and to educate citizens
on the waters entering Barton Springs.

The first task was several rock steps on adjacent sides of the creek wash.
I had the pleasure of working with Chancey and Katherine on the rock
armoring crossing the bottom of the wash. We made a ton of crush and
arranged a puzzle path of rocks. After that duty was fulfilled Chancey and I
moved onto tread work down the trail. As our McLeods flew fresh trail
appeared hopefully, lasting for years to come.

Toward the end of the week I swamped for Kaitlyn as she cut down Ashe
Juniper to be used in the wood steps leading to the water. I closed out my
week by debarking those logs to be sectioned and utilized in steps. All in all,
an awesome week of new tasks at a new place with the same cracking crew.

Adam Newman – Conservation & Disaster Crew (Silver)

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