Purple Crew removing Invasives

Purple crew was charged to do some work on Harper’s Branch watershed, off of Kenwood Avenue in our beautiful home city of Austin, TX. We removed invasive Nandina and Ligustrum as well as cleared an area near the road for folks in the neighborhood to enjoy their little slice of nature. Pulling up to our work site, I think that it’s safe to say that we weren’t expecting a whole lot, being in the middle of a block of houses, but what we got in such a small space was something special: a particularly beautiful and diverse strip of sloped, verdant land running parallel to a small stream. We found non-venomous snakes, lizards, various birds including a Coopers hawk that visited daily, pretty Texas Redbuds, Primrose Jasmine, and Lantana.

Spirits were high and the work flowed like we were doing it for fun, not even a relatively heavy shower on one of our days could damper our mood. Of course, no work is without its irritations, in our case it came in the form of a dense patchwork of poison ivy which left half of the crew welted and itching; nonetheless, we worked on. And when we were finished each and every one of us were proud of the work that we had accomplished. I, for one, am proud to be working for TxCC with such amazing, hardworking, caring, friendly people by my side. I wouldn’t change a thing (of course that may be because I’m not one of the members who had a reaction to the poison ivy)! Much love to Elijah, Richard, Crystal, Sofia, Caroline, Kim, Francois, and our amazing crew leaders Alex and Michelle! Purple Crew 4 lyfe.

Jacob Walters – Conservation & Disaster Crew (Purple Crew)

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