Nebraska Deployment


Another deployment down, and I’m sure it won’t be the last one. Nebraska, to me, was a very special deployment. I had the pleasure of connecting with some amazing home owners, connecting more with my crew, and meeting more Austin office folks I would’ve never had the chance to meet any where else.

Our quarters were interesting enough to say the least. We stayed in this almost 100 year old auditorium that me and about everybody else were sure it was haunted. We all stayed up way too late, playing hide and seek through the whole building with the lights off, making up our own games with a frisbee, and sharing laughs over some awesome family dinners. Getting to connect with so many cool people over such a short time was truly a delight, and i will remember some of these people forever.

The work we were doing was so touching as well. Most deployments you’re inside of homes, swinging around tools, and not reaching out as much. This time around, the main part of the work load was meeting with survivors, and aiding them through the process of getting back on their feet. Working in distribution centers, MARC’s, contacting volunteer organizations, doing anything we could to help these folks out from the back ground, technological side, rather then the boots on the ground, tools in hand approach.

Overall, Nebraska was a blast, or as we said, “NeBlastYa”. That was a very popular phrase over the month, and I think it represents the experience very well. Meeting and connecting with so many spunky characters, helping and reaching out to so many amazing home owners in Nebraska, and having overall the time of your life there in the midwest, is something I will treasure for a long time.

Trevin Balzer – Conservation & Disaster Crew Member (Gold Crew)

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