Copperfield Trail

Over the week we ventured to a forested neighborhood park to to remove debris and erect Box Steps and Waterbars. Dawning waders, we braved the creek, freeing it of fallen trees and forgotten litter.

After, we split into three teams, two making making box steps leading in and out of the ravine, and the other works on the trail leading to it. The box steps twist up and down the ravine. These wooden squares are constructed from harvested wood from dead Ashe Juniper found in the area, and they are hammered into the earth with rebar. One by one, they’re built on top of each other, ascending up the hillside along the trail.

The trail leading to the ravine was also maintained. The berm was trimmed, waterbars and drains were dug, and check steps were placed, all to reduce the ever present threat of erosion.

It was a delightful experience, with Blue, White, and Gold crews all working together. And meeting the many trail going thanking us for our service.

John Currey – Conservation & Disaster Crew Member

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