Arkansas Bend Park, Notes from Polar Pack

January 2020


Polar Pack spent the week on a five day hitch at Arkansas Bend Park in Lago Vista, Texas. A seemingly standard project turned out to be a turning point in our season as we welcomed three new members.

With only chainsaws on our tool list, we set out to cut corridor for a new trail following the edge of a peninsula. It was definitely a challenge working on the side of a hill, but worth it for the views of the lake. Be careful: loose rocks & plenty of cactus!

Tortilla soup & fuzzy socks were my best friends on this hitch as temperatures dropped below freezing. You can always find our crew huddled around the warm kettle on cold mornings like those.

Our new members, Nico, AB, and Albert, fit in seamlessly. Their excitement was contagious, and gave our ragtag crew some new motivation. By the end of the week, hair was being braided, stories were being told around the fire, and inside jokes were already forming. I, for one, am very proud to be a part of this misfit crew.

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