East Bouldin Creek Project, Notes from Black Pack

On October 14th, we parked our van and hopped out, surrounded by construction and looking at a wild overgrown area. To one side, the sound of power tools and men yelling through shells of houses echoed, and to the other the peace and quiet of an apartment complex.
It was our time to shine.
We just arrived back after a 10 day hitch and 4 day weekend, and we, Black Pack of TXCC were tasked with building a trail.
We had a lot of work ahead of us, but we started with removing the invasive Ligustrum and Nandina. We fell several trees, and bucked up the mess left behind where these once powerful plants stood. We saved the Oaks, hoping that clearing the canapy would save them, and chipped the remains of the unsavory plants.
Of course, it wasn’t as simple as chop and chip, as the area was on two separate levels. We picked up sticks for days, and dragged them up the hill to the top for another part of our team to spend the day chipping. We didn’t even touch tread until day 6.
Day 6 on started the real work. We pulled out McCleods and started clearing the chips away, and dug into the hill to lay out our foundation for the trail. Of course the chipper was broke while on loan to another crew, so we had to think fast on what to do with all the brush piles made while we waited for it to be returned.
We piled them and, fingers crossed, when we return we’ll chip the last of the brush and leave a great trail for those who will follow us to use and enjoy for years to come.

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