San Antonio Missions Historical Park, Notes from Blue Crew

December 2019

After a nice Thanksgiving break, Blue Crew started off the first week of December on a hitch to the San Antonio Missions Historical Park. Before meeting with our project partner, we explored the San Juan Historical site and learned a lot about the foundation the Tejano culture that blended the early Spanish and native cultures distinct to South Texas.

Afterwards, we started our first day with lopping the infamous bamboo and applying herbicide. The next day, we traveled to Floresville, TX for our second project to chainsaw larger mesquite trees and applied herbicide to clear up the space around the trail. Different vibes between the projects but we were about to learn a lot about applying different herbicides to other invasive grasses and woody plants.

Additionally, we got plant some native grasses such as Switchgrass and Eastern Gamagrass back at San Juan. We ended the hitch with our last day at Mission Concepción where we continued lopping and applying more herbicide to bamboo and other invasive trees.

Kind of crazy to think there would be bamboo growing in Texas where there are no wild pandas. Hopefully, our efforts to eliminate this invasive species among others will contribute to the growing native grasses for the San Antonio Missions ecosystem.

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