Arkansas Bend- Notes from Green Crew, Bean Crew

Green Crew spent the week in Arkansas Bend Park in Lago Vista, Texas to cut corridor for a new trail along Lake Travis. Although this was only our second project of the season, we managed to get into a good rhythm and got a lot done during our time at the park.

Our days were filled with chainsawing and hauling brush away from the trail. We split up into teams of 2-3 to work on sections of the corridor and bumped forward after each section was complete. We quickly got accustomed to limbing and felling trees while working on steep terrain. This was a beautiful area and we definitely took advantage of the scenic lunch spots.

I was excited for our crew as this was our first chainsaw project. We quickly learned about troubleshooting and became more comfortable with using the chainsaws. As we were cutting we ran into part of the trail that had massive amounts of hang-ups due to prior flooding in the area. With determination, we cleared the area enough for trail users to pass by.

Besides learning about chainsaws, I was happy to learn more about my crew. After a workday, everyone was eager to help at the campsite and hang out with each other. One evening Matt and Will even worked together to rehabilitate an injured bat found near the campsite. Overall, it was a great week and I’m excited for future projects!

-Madison Taylor

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