Covid-19 Response, Notes From ATLAS Crew

April 2020

CTFB Covid-19 Response Blog Post

The Central Texas Food Bank has always been a vital resource to the Austin community. In 2017, they provided healthy and shelf-stable food to over 200,000 individuals each month. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, the organization has seen massive increases in the number of people who need help accessing food. Fortunately, they have also seen a steady stream of volunteers step up to meet that need.

A few weeks ago, I volunteered with the CTFB at one of their mobile pantry events in Buchanan Dam, TX. At around 7AM, I hopped in my car and took the scenic hour-and-a-half trip west into Texas hill country. When I arrived at the small church that was hosting the mobile pantry event, I noticed that nearly all the other volunteers were elderly. I learned that they were all members of the local Baptist church and that they had been busy hand sewing face masks for all the new volunteers that arrived to help. The community members were so friendly to me and very grateful that I had driven the long distance to come help. I quickly made some new friends, one of whom had traveled all over the world as a flight attendant in the 1960s! How cool is that?

Anyway, we all worked together to load boxes of pantry goods into CTFB clients’ cars. When the event was over, I left feeling great about the connections I had made and the work we had all done together. Since then, I have volunteered at several other CTFB events and I plan to keep on helping out as long as I can. Whenever I head out into the world, I wear the face mask that those volunteers crafted to keep me safe and remind me of the positive impact we made together.

-Angela Martin

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