Crystal McLauren’s Story

I am extremely excited about this crew. I am majorly impressed with how fast we have all bonded with each other and how well we work together.  Last week was our first week of work and we put in check steps on the trail, and then came the storm… This wasn’t just any storm, ya heah, this storm was a doozie, it was callin’ for tornadoes and hail, wind and high water. It rained 4.75 inches in 4 hours. The wind and the rain was a rockin’ our trailers. I awoke at 5am in my little cubby to listen to the downpour and watch the lightening. Then at 6am our Crew Leader came in and was talkin’ to Miranda about something so I peaked out my lil’ head and asked politely what the hell is goin’ on? They said that we had to go to the stone bathrooms because they was a’scairt that we was gonna die. So we packed up and ran. I brought along my violin because it was the only really important thing I have here. When we got there we found the boys all set up with their coffee. After the storm we found utter devastation. The fire had decimated the park, well this flood utterly ravaged the park. Trails turned into creeks and roads disappeared. Bastrop State Park has literally been through hell and high water. We’ve been clearing out culverts ever since.

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