John Messina

Now that I have finaling begun working with my second crew I can relax and get some work done! Orientation always seems like an eternity for me, and I am just glad to begin working outside. A pleasant surprise this year has been the abundance of trail work, which is something that I wasn’t able to get much experience with last year. One of the trail projects my crew worked on this year is the Violet Crown trail which is a long term extensive trail that will go out into Hays county. In my opinion Austin needs longer trails so this is a very exciting project! We have also been doing a lot of revegitation work. At Foundation Communities on the eastside we have removed invasives and planted native shrubs, grasses, and trees. We have also been reseeding and doing erosion control work on private properties in Bastrop County. I really enjoy this project because, in a way, it allows me to see through the volunteer management/ clean up side of things when I first hit the ground in Bastrop right after the fires. All in all it has been another exciting year that keeps me on my feet and learning something different everyday.

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