Lost Pines Recovery Team Tales

Emily Grooms, Crew Leader

We heard about us being in the paper before we even started work out in Bastrop this week. “They’ll be the ones in the green shirts-” and even on the first day out on the site, Bastropians were recognizing us. More…

John Messina, Crew Leader

Now that I have finaling begun working with my second crew I can relax and get some work done! Orientation always seems like an eternity for me, and I am just glad to begin working outside. More…

Alec Johnson, Crew Member

Over the past month my crew has done a variety of projects. We worked in San Antonio on the Acequias with the National Park Service, rock walls at Reimers’ Ranch, and seed plantings in Bastrop County. We are in the first 3 weeks in Bastrop County. More…

Calla Gentiles, Crew Member

As the 2012 Americorps term continues on, our crew, whom we have affectionately dubbed “the gypsy crew” because of our many adventures and projects around Austin and Texas this year, continues to be amazed at all of the beautiful parks we have been able to work with.  More…

Molly Coffman, Crew Member

As I finish my fourth month of E-Corps, I can look back on my experience and think about all of the fun adventures I have had. The time has gone by so quickly! I’ve loved my time traveling around Texas and seeing all of the great natural sites that many people never get the chance to visit. More…

William Lee, Crew Member

Progress in seeding the areas of Bastrop most affected by the fire is slow. The process is not difficult, but no single method seems to be quicker than any other. More…

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