Patrick Helton’s Story

Early one morning the crew woke up to the unfamiliar dinging of rain. A storm was raging outside so the crew decided to go drink coffee in the bathroom. The brew of choice, Don Pedro, kept spirits high as we listened to a member play her violin. 5:30am is not the most appealing time to be up hanging out in the bathrooms but we made the best out of it. When the storm subsided we toured the park to see the damage…A ranger later that day summed it up best; “The park has been through hell and high water.” The storm has left us with plenty of work. This past week we have taken on the role of a dirt farmer. We are trying to clear water ways that have been clogged with soil, ash and pine needles. As a kid, I used to build small rock dams in a creek and now as an adult I have had the pleasure to play in similar waterways…The kid in me still enjoys getting wet and muddy.

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