Miranda Bryant’s Story

There was talk of a tornado coming to the Bastrop. Even though our trailers move when you breathe, they have become every definition of a home to me. We fled to the bathrooms with only our most important belongings (Don Pedro Coffee and fruit snacks). We all hunkered down though and the ol’trailers held their own pretty nicely. The park definitely took some damage though. We drove around and assessed the outcome and were told we’d be unclogging and clearing out the culverts around the park road. After a couple of days of pine needle swamps, mud, the smell of gas and rotting trees, I’ve learned that accents will develop, you get a heck of a lot closer to the people you work with, and if someone walks over a hill, they are probably needing to take care of business and you better steer clear. Overall though, no matter how monotonous the work became, we were contributing to clearing up a beautiful that needs a lot of TLC.

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