A Resurrection of SE Metro Park by Texas Conservation Corps

And on the Sixteenth of April, in the Southeast Metropolitan Park of Austin, Texas, the most glorious check steps to ever grace the park were completed. Not since fifteen years prior have such beautiful check steps ever been installed in the Southeast Metro. The duo of Green and Purple Crew proved once again that the immense trail building power of the field teams is truly unmatched within the Texas Conservation Corps. With great utility and style, these fine steps not only allow walkers to traverse the scenic ravine and bridge, but also provide great aesthetic enjoyment of their own to all those who are lucky enough to use them in this, the Badlands of Eastern Travis County.

Breaking only for a volunteer day in Bastrop State Park and the weekend, the Purple Crew initially set to their task on the Ninth of April. Accompanied by consultants from the Green Crew, the Purple Crew was undeterred by a 3 mile hike to the work-site and the immense tasks at-hand, even while maintaining their now world renowned Physical Training routine throughout the project. The results speak for themselves; whether it’s carrying saws, mattocks, drills, or elderly from burning buildings, the Purple Crew Workout Plan (PCWP) prepares you for it all. Based on revolutionary one-minute length sessions and cutting edge exercises, you are sure to complete your rugged task in record time and with a sculpted posterior. The workout plan is also guaranteed to return lost loved ones, even if they’ve been assigned to Top Secret Timber Framing Operations (TSTFO). The workout not only strengthens the body, but the emotional bonds between those in the stretch circle as well as their minds, thanks to the “daily question” feature. Through mind meld, the PCWP were able to return PFC Glen and Colonel Kurtz safely from the humidity of Louisiana and without any strange manners of speaking. Now complete, the Purple Crew can operate at maximum strength and engage our Megazord to conquer any task, be it in Colorado, Florida, Oklahoma or Texas. You are encouraged to order your VHS copies of the routine today for four easy payments of 29.99. Dial now at 1-800-888-TXCC.

Benjamin Schell, Field Crew Member

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Mayors & County Day of Recognition for National Service – Featuring Texas Conservation Corps

On April 7th, 2015, Texas Conservation Corps joined fellow American YouthWorks AmeriCorps members and other Austin-area AmeriCorps programs at City Hall to celebrate Mayor’s Day of Service. Thanks to the support of the OneStar Foundation, one of our Emergency Response Team members was asked to speak. Below are his speech notes on service and Texas Conservation Corps as well as a video that was featured during the event and a photo of all American YouthWorks AmeriCorps participants with Mayor Steve Adler. 

As introduced, my name is Chris Gomon. I am one of the crew leaders at Texas Conservation Corps, an AmeriCorps program at American YouthWorks which is an organization dedicated to giving individuals job training through youth and young adult service opportunities. We also have a YouthBuild AmeriCorps program at American YouthWorks, Casa Verde Builders, and they build green houses in East Austin.

I am a co-leader of one of the Emergency Response Teams. As a grantee of the One Star Foundation, ERTs are on-call waiting to assist in the response to incidents not only in Texas but all over the country.

I was asked today to give remarks on why I serve. Admittedly I started doing National Service for somewhat selfish reasons. I just wanted to gain hands-on experience and certifications so I could land a “real” job – whatever that means. What I failed to realize then, and what I really appreciate now, is what National Service gives us as participants. It gives us purpose. Not that we are meaningless slackers before we join programs like these, but now we have a chance to be a part of something that is engaging and dynamic and different and challenging.

I think people, no matter where they are in their lives, need to be challenged. This position at TxCC is especially challenging. Over the course of the year we work in some of the harshest conditions for very long hours. It’s Texas, so yeah it’s hot. It’s work that grinds you down and wears you out and you really do get to earn your sleep. But because it demands so much of you, inevitably you find the very best in you. You become connected to your work in a very personal way. I think that’s true for all AmeriCorps programs. You become the most active person in your life. That is something you might not get out of a lot of other jobs. It is this purpose that I get from National Service that answers why I have and will continue to serve. I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

Chris Gomon, Emergency Response Team Crew Leader

Mayor’s Day Of Recognition Video