Who We Are

There is nothing wrong with trying to save our world

We bleed we scar we stink we sweat.

 Chicks with chainsaws dudes with rocks work hard all day in our smelly sweaty socks

We may plant trees cuz were cool like that but we are mean and green environmental machines

We are who we are like family to the corps

Water is our daily drug cuz with out it we’re like fish out of water

We beat out invasive we arrive in our

E-corps slab

So don’t be mad cuz we E- corps

Elaine and Erin yell at us cuz they know we are g’z and expects more, we come  back sweaty and sore, but come back each morning cuz we are whatchamacallit…


Ooo n also we are AmeriCorps and we get things done for America!!

Jessica Rodriguez, SLA Crew Member

Tricklin' Through the Seasons

As the winter air settles in and the new year begins, my mind is focused on another season at American YouthWorks. Having worked with E-Corps for 2 seasons, I am just as excited for the upcoming one as I was for the first. One of the greatest joys that come with the work is the sense of belonging. I know that the people that I am about to meet will become family which is a beautiful thing. While we all grow on an individual basis, we all grow as a family too. A family that learns how to work hard, enjoy life and truly understand the meaning of a hard days work. Before we know it, the winter air will have retreated and the members of e-corps will be flourishing as the spring air descends.

Patrick Helton

Patrick will be a member on the Bastrop State Park Restoration Crew.

Patrick felling a hazard tree in Bastrop State Park after the wildfire.